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children-churchThe little ones at ICF are important to us and we cherish what God is doing in their lives, even at a young age.

At ICF Children’s Church, we welcome children from preschool to 6 years old. They learn in an interactive environment about God through lessons from the Bible, games and crafts.



This is an outreach ministry that the Lord started about 17 years ago. It encourages us every week, as we see hungry souls receive the Word of God with great joy.

Many of the inmates train others to be faithful men of God in the prisons by holding meetings among themselves every evening after dinner.

It is encouraging to see the spiritual growth in these men week after week! They go back to their own churches and are a great asset to those churches. You too can be involved in this spiritually rewarding experience.

Click here for more information about the prison ministry.


Missions, in layman’s terms, is seeking those who don’t know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. It means spreading God’s Word and His love—the Gospel—to anyone who is willing to hear its simple message. The goal of ICF is that everyone knows about the goodness and graciousness of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Our mission is to glorify God in all the earth by crossing cultural boundaries to make followers of Jesus Christ.

At ICF, we love and support mission work from all over the world, including India, Africa, Mexico, and China. Freewill offerings and voluntary contributions goes directly to the work of those spreading the gospel in these countries.



Life with a Vision is a radio broadcast ministry that shares direct experiences of how Christians can apply a working knowledge of the Word of God to the issues and circumstances of life. Through its weekly Saturday morning messages, Life with a Vision communicates how the message of the Gospel is not a doctrine to be learned, but a vital truth to be experienced.

Life with a Vision covers an eighty mile radius of the Washington Metropolitan Area.  Tune in to WFAX AM 1220 radio every Saturday at 9:15 AM. You can also stream live at


Throughout the year, ICF holds special seminars and studies on biblical teachings and various practical issues of life including:

  • Being a servant leader at home
  • Godly responses in family conflicts
  • Raising children in a Godly manner
  • Overcoming trials
  • Freedom from anger, bitterness and resolving conflicts God’s way
  • Integrity and discipline in your personal life
  • Overcoming temptation and keeping your way pure

…. and more…..

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ICF has one summer retreat every year at the Christian Conference Center located in Summit Grove Camp at 140 South Front Street in the town of New Freedom, Pennsylvania from Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon during July 4th weekend. These retreats are sponsored jointly with three other fellowships from New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania. This is a gathering of believers for Bible-teaching and a weekend of retreat. Meals and accommodation are provided.

Click here for more information about the ICF Seminars and someone will be in touch with you.


Youth Ministry

At a small coffee shop, two young ladies shared with each other the struggles, desires, and testimonies in their relationship with God.  They pondered about the power of more youth sharing their ideas and desires with each other for Christ.  They reflected on youth movements across the country where young people were being radically changed for Christ.  Within a matter of weeks, they knew God was implanting a desire in their hearts to start a local movement within their own church.   Our heart’s desire is that youth who are searching for truth, love, and acceptance would check us out and experience God’s presence and deep love for them.

The ICF Youth Ministry meets on a monthly basis. We typically have worship nights, fellowship, hikes, bible study, prayer, and fun. We also have some volleyball/soccer during the summer months.

Click here for more information about the ICF Youth Ministry and someone will be in touch with you.



In a time and space when students are seeking answers to their questions about life, purpose, and God, the Campus Fellowship on the two campuses of University of Maryland (Baltimore County and College Park) seeks to bring students to Christ and help them delve deeper into their relationship with Him.

We are not a fraternity or sorority.  Our aim is the Truth—and what better place to seek answers—the university campus. All are welcome.

Click here for more information about our campus ministry and someone will be in touch with you.

The Discipleship Program has a two-fold focus:discipleship

First: To deepen our personal walk with the Lord, as we are discipled by Him. To fulfill Christ’s command to disciple others, we ourselves must first be disciples of Christ. “Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed: And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:31–32). A disciple is one who believes the truth so firmly that he lives by the truth. He bases his whole lifestyle – actions, thoughts, decisions, emotions, etc. on God’s Word. In order to truly be a disciple we must first know and love Christ.

Second: To follow the Lord in serving by seeking to disciple those around us and thereby training faithful men and women.

This is a one-on-one program, with individual attention and close fellowship between the one discipled and the one discipling. We are currently using a book for this program titled, “The New Life—The Start of Something Wonderful,” by Dave Williams.

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